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Pulse #138 — the curiosity itch; things we learn; and people we learn from.

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If you’re a regular, you’ll see some changes. Hopefully, you’ll like them. But, tbh, I don’t think this is the end of it. I’ll try to make Quick Tips a regular section of your weekly Pulse. I myself always find these little tips & tricks pretty useful.

Furthermore, although not new, I’ve updated our Spotify playlist a little; feel free to add your favourite songs. let’s see what we listen to…

Last week, I mentioned a Clubhouse room we ran on “things we learned from Naval Ravikant” last week; what I didn’t mention was why we did that — besides the fact that the three of us have learned a lot from Naval.

The other two guys, both named Ali, run a weekly Clubhouse room in a collaborative style, so people come to the stage for a few minutes talking about a thing/person/idea/podcast/etc. that they have learned that week…

It works as an idea creation and content curation quality filter. People and things mentioned in that room go into a Google doc for the audience to refer to later in the week when trying to feed their curiosity.

Hands down, it’s one of the best rooms I regularly attend in Clubhouse. I’ve got to know these amazing people who read/listen to these other amazing people. For someone who enjoys learning but sometimes is stuck in their own filter bubble, this is the perfect environment to scratch that curiosity itch. Somewhere I can learn about some amazing ideas, content creators (subjects people talk about in the room), and curators (people who talk in the room).

In addition to the connection building and finding a network of interesting tastes, this helps me find higher quality content a lot easier. Instead of going after unknown unknowns, I’m introduced to some super interesting unknowns and can dig deeper.

This is the power of [good] curation — what used to be the editor, the media company, the gatekeeper.

This is another example of their importance in the attention economy during the information overload era. They save you time by providing more value per unit of time.

Although you can argue that this can also create a bubble if the people you’re following [their curations] are constantly feeding you the same sort of information, the fact is that there’s no way around that unless you’re aware of the possibility of getting stuck in a bubble and actively trying to break out every once in a while — just to get a taste of the outside world; or educating yourself.

So, back to why we ran a Naval focused room

Naval and his ideas came up more than a few times, and as the three of us and some others found his ideas interesting, we thought we’d give Naval and his ideas their own session, so we discussed them at length; mainly his famous “how to get rich (without getting lucky)” Twitter thread.

And why does it matter?

Another name that came up a few time was Balaji — that’s Balaji S. Srinivasan — the somewhat controversial (in terms of his ideas and angles) entrepreneur and angel investor.

After Balaji’s name and ideas were mentioned a couple of times by people I felt I could relate with (in terms of their content-consumption interests), I thought to myself, “okay, this is someone I need to look into; more….”

To be honest, I had heard his name and had some ideas about who he was (mainly as the cofounder of earn.com [where I earned my first pieces of Bitcoin] and the CTO of Coinbase [where I bought my first ETH]), but the talks in our Clubhouse room triggered the digging and consumption of Balaji’s ideas… and the result was 🤯

Listening to him on Tim Ferriss Show & My First Million podcast was super interesting, and I highly recommend them. But it’s not just about what he talks about; for me, the way he thinks is even more interesting. When he talks, it’s like the ideas are hyperlinked. I mean, there’s SO much you can learn from him [well, at least get hints from]. This is something I definitely will have to learn a lot more about.

And what was my point?

Well, my point wasn’t really a single point.

  1. There are some awesome rooms in Clubhouse. It is time-consuming, yes, but you should know where to spend your time/attention.

  2. A community can optimise the process of content discovery a lot better than one or several algorithms, but then there’s bias…

  3. If you don’t already follow, Balaji Srinivasan is someone interesting to follow both Twitter and Clubhouse (he was on last night).

  4. I think I’ll be writing more about things I learned and people I’ve learned from.

Thanks for reading, but don’t stop; continue.

Last Week in the News

  • 🇸🇻 El Salvador becomes the world’s first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender [link]

  • 🇺🇸🇱🇻 US Justice Department has charged a Latvian woman it says helped develop Trickbot malware [link]

  • Waymo’s driverless taxi service can now be accessed on Google Maps [link]

  • Twitter may be close to launching Super Follows, as new research shows what it could look like [link]

  • Bing’s accident, Apple’s past, and Jack Dorsey’s hardware wallet [link]

  • Twitter’s speeding up, Apple’s getting ready for the future, and ransomware is taking over the world [link]

  • Back at Apple offices, Facebook messaging, and the next generation of Windows [link]

  • Another ransomware attack, another step for Dogecoin, and an electric hypercar for $2.4m [link]

  • New GPUs, a drone attack, and a new bank [link]

  • Tesla’s Texan problem, Xiaomi’s HyperCharger, and a cloudy sky on Mars [link]

🃏 a gift for you.

Worth Your Attention

Chart of the Week

The Lifecycle of a Meme

& some stats

  1. Facebook & Instagram ad benchmarks for retailers in 2020 [link]

  2. 4 in 10 US internet users say they check their phone every few minutes [link]

  3. Top apps worldwide for May 2021 by downloads [link]

  4. Exclusive LinkedIn data shows marketers are in demand – especially in the digital realm [link]

  5. some interesting Snap stats

Tools & Apps

  • Google’s PageSpeed Insights: Make your web pages fast on all devices

    benchmark your website — thank for the tip, Yash; also,

  • Lighthouse 8.0: Analyze web apps & sites, collect modern performance metrics [also from Google]

  • Creatopy: visual production platform

    one of those handy tools for your toolbox

  • Koalendar: free online appointment scheduling software

    has a pro tier at $6.99 per month, but the free tier is enough for most of your needs…

Quick Tips

  1. Twitter/iOS: long-press the search button to go straight to the search bar.

  2. Twitter/iOS: long-press the share button to go straight to the iOS native share sheet.

  3. Twitter/iOS: long-press the home tab to switch accounts.

  4. Clubhouse/iOS: long-press on your avatar while in a room to go straight to camera roll to update your avatar.

  5. Browser/macOS & Windows: Cmnd + L (macOS) or Ctrl + L (Windows) activates the address bar on your browser


  • Twitter is working on Raised Hand emoji ✋ reaction in Twitter Spaces [link]

  • Twitter is working on bringing Bookmark Folders to the Android app [link]

  • Twitter is working on the ability to “Change who can reply” after the tweet has been published [link]

  • Twitter is working on Tweet Reactions view [link]

  • Instagram is working to allow access to the Reels feed on the desktop website [link]

  • Instagram is working to show how much time left before a Story expires [link]

  • Instagram keeps working on Public Event Settings [link]

  • Instagram is working on the Monetization Help section [link]

  • Instagram keeps working on the Text-to-Speech feature [link]

  • Instagram continues to work on audio rooms [link]

  • Uber is working on dark mode in the Uber Wallet webpage [link]

  • Signal is testing new chat colours for iOS [link]

  • LinkedIn is working on Dark Mode for web [link]

  • Google Maps is working on a redesigned Directions UI [link]

  • Notion is working on “Synced block” whose content and subsequent edits are synchronized across pages [link]

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